(No. AAU/604/DPJ/2010-11 /12648-55   Dtd. 23/03/11)

Seperate sealed tenders in prescribed forms subsequently to be drawn up in F-2 forms are invited from interested eligible APWD/CPWD/AAU registered contractors/firms for the following works and will be received in the office of the undersigned/Registrar,AAU Jorhat, up to 2.00 P.M. on 29-3-2011. The tenders will be opened on same day at 3-30 P.M. in presence of intending tenderers or their representatives in the office of the undersigned. If the office happens to be closed on the dates of receiving and opening of Tenders as specified above, the Tenders will be received and opened on the next working day(s) at the same time and venue.

Name of work: Construction of Administrative Building, Boundary Wall (Fencing), Semi automatic Poly House as Demonstration Unit, under K.V.K. at different Stations of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat-13.
Estimated Cost: Rs. 6,80,24,169.00 (in different Group) (Group List enclosed)
Earnest Money: 2 % on estimated cost (1 % in case of S/C. S/T & AAU Regd. Contractor)
Time of completion: As shown in the Group List.
Cost of Tender Document: As shown in the Group List.

The Rates are to be quoted both in figures and in words on percentage basis.

The tenderers must mention the name of work with station on the body of envelop and in the tender.

The cost of the Tender Documents is to be deposited in the shape of A/C payee Demand Draft of a Nationalized Bank to be drawn in favour of the Director of Physical Plant, AAU, Jorhat-13 or cash receipt which is non-refundable. The Tender Documents may be obtained from the offices of the undersigned/Registrar,AAU Jorhat, w.e.f. 23-3-11 to 28-3-11 during office hours on deposit of its cost.

All sealed tenders should be accompanied with the requisite (1) Earnest Money 2% in the shape of CDR/FDR of any Nationalized Bank duly pledged to the Director of Physical Plant, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, (2) copy of Registration Certificate, (3) copy of PAN Card, (4) Copy of Registration Certificate under VAT Act, (5) copy of Work Completion Certificate(s) issued by competent authority not below the rank of Executive Engineer (6) Copy of audited P & L A/Cs and Balance Sheet for last 3 years (7) Copy of valid electrical licence without which the tender will not be considered to be qualified.

No store materials and tools and plants will be issued from the Departmental store. The work must be carried out as per the specification and direction of the Department. Details may be seen in the office of the undersigned during office working hours. The tenders may also be down loaded from the AAU's Web Site in which case the cost of the tender documents in the shape of A/C payee Demand Draft must be deposited along with the tender.

The Authority reserves the right to accept or reject all or any Tender without assigning any reason thereof.

Director of Physical Plant
Assam Agricultural University
Jorhat 785 013
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