AAU Administration

Assam Agricultural University Administration

University has "Board of Management" as the ultimate administrative authority. On behalf of that management body, the Vice-Chancellor looks after every activities of the University as the supreme authority. Personnel management is handled by the Office of Registrar. The Office of Comptroller oversees financial management.

The University has the following Directorates

  • Directorate of Research (Agri & Veterinary)
  • Directorate of Extension Education
  • Directorate of Post Graduate Studies
  • Directorate of Students' Welfare
  • Directorate of Physical Plants

The Faculties of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Community Science, Horticulture, Sericulture and Fisheries Science are headed by the Deans assisted by Associate Deans of constituent Colleges.

Administrative Members

Dr. Bidyut Chandan Deka

Vice Chanchalor

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (vc[at]aau.ac.in)

Mr. Tapan Kr. Gohain


AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (registrar[at]aau.ac.in)

Mr. Keshab Sharma


AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (comptroller[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Ramen Kumar Sharma

Joint Registrar(Academic)

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (jt.reg[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Biren Sarmah

Joint Registrar

AAU, Khanapara - 785013 (jtreg_vety[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chetia

Director of Research (Agri)

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dr_agri[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Probodh Borah

Director of Research (Vety. Science)

AAU, Khanapara, Guwahati - 781022 (dr_vety[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Anup Kr. Das

Director of Post Graduate Studies

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dpgs[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Manoranjan Neog

Director of Extension Education

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dee[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Binoy Kumar Medhi

Director of Students' Welfare

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dsw[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Prasanna Kumar Pathak

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dean_agri[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Bibeka Nanda Saikia

Dean, Faculty of Veterinery Science

AAU, Khanapara, Guwahati - 781022 (dean_vety[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Mamoni Das

Dean, Faculty of Community Science

AAU, Jorhat - 785013 (dean_comsc[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Pradip Ch. Bhuyan

Dean, Faculty of Fisheries Science

Raha, Nagaon - 782103 (dean_fishery[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Ranendra Nath Barman

Associate Dean, B.N.C.A

Biswanath Chariali - 784176 (assoc_dean.bnca[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Mridul Deka

Associate Dean, C.H.F.S

Nalbari - 781335 (assocdean.ch[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Uma Ram Tamuli

Associate Dean, L.C.V.Sc

Joyhing, North Lakhimpur - 787001 (assoc_dean.lcvsc[at]aau.ac.in)

Dr. Ranjit Sarma

Associate Dean, S.C.S.C.A,

Rangamati, Dhubri - 785614 (assoc_dean.scsca[at]aau.ac.in)