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Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) Laboratory

The premier institute of North East India, Assam Agricultural University was established on April 1, 1969 under The Assam Agricultural University Act, 1968, with the mandate of imparting farm education, conduct research in agriculture and allied sciences, and to effectively disseminate technologies so generated. One of the mandates of AAU is to undertake basic, strategic and applied research in the sector for agriculture centric business and employment avenues in the production to consumption chain. The University is the recipient of prestigious “Sardar Patel Outstanding Instituion Award, 2014”.

Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) laboratory at Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat was established in the year 2006 as a separate unit in the Department of Bio-chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry. The aim of establishing this laboratory was to provide central instrumentation facilities to those M.Sc./Ph.D. students who didn’t have such facilities in their respective Department. In August, 2019 this lab was shifted to DBT-AAU Centre/Department of Agricultural Biotechnology under the supervision of Professor Bidyut Kumar Sarmah, Director of DBT-NECAB.

So far, many students and faculties of both AAU and outside AAU were benefitted by the facility of the CIFL during their post graduation research. Moreover, CIFL helps the farming community/ budding entrepreneurs to analyze their products for microbial contamination and /or various biochemical components.

Recently, the vision of the laboratory has been changed to make it more active and accessible for other public and private institutes. This laboratory basically targets the biochemical, microbial and biotechnological analysis on payment basis so that it generates revenue for its long term sustainability. Along with analysis, there is short term training facility for the students pursuing B. Sc. / M. Sc. dgree programme and labroratory technicians of other colleges/universities.


  • Helping students/researchers /faculties of Assam Agricultural University(AAU) and outside AAU in their research.
  • To offer hands on training to students/researchers /faculties of Assam Agricultural University (AAU) and outside AAU. Also to offer hands on training to food entrepreneurs.

Presently we offer following facilities

  • Analysis of phytochemicals (total phenol, chlorophylls, total flavonoids, total anthocyanin, beta- carotene, curcumin, trypsin inhibitor, caffeine, ascorbic acid, etc.)
  • Proximate composition analysis of food/plants
  • Microbial analysis of food/plants
  • Molecular biology related analysis (DNA/RNA isolation, PCR amplification, Gel running, etc.)
  • Short term training on biochemical, microbiological and molecular techniques
Some important parameters studied in CIFL on payment basis
  • Estimation of nitrogen by micro-kjeldahl method
  • Estimation of non-protein nitrogen
  • Estimation of protein nitrogen
  • Estimation of proline
  • Estimation of methionin
  • Estimation of tryptophan
  • Estimation of Lysine
  • Estimation of protein by Lowery's method
  • Estimation of reducing and non-reducing sugars
  • Estimation of total soluble sugars
  • Estimation of amylose
  • Estimation of amylopectin
  • Estimation of starch
  • Estimation of glycogen
  • Estimation of cellulose/hemi-cellulose
  • Estimation of crude fibre
  • Estimation of pectic substances
  • Estimation of total lipids
  • Estimation of oil/crude fat in oilseed
  • Estimation of free fatty acid or acid value of an oil
  • Estimation of peroxide value of an oil
  • Estimation of saponification value of oil
  • Estimation of ascorbic acid(vitamin-C)
  • Estimation of riboflavin
  • Estimation of ash content
  • Estimation of phosphorus
  • Estimation of total phenol
  • Estimation of chlorophyll
  • Estimation of carbohydrate
  • Estimation of trypsin inhibitor
  • Estimation of phytic acid
  • Estimation of dry matter and moisture
  • Estimation of Nitrate content
  • Estimation of oxalate
  • Protein electrophoresis:
    • Native PAGE
    • SDS PAGE
  • DNA/RNA isolation*
  • PCR*
    • 16sRNA amplification
    • ITS amplification
Some important instruments for using on payment basis
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Laminar Air flow
  • Autoclave
  • pH meter
  • Centrifuge
  • BOD Incubator
  • Gel Doc

Candidates should apply through proper channel to Dr B.K.Sarmah, In Charge, CIFL and Director, DBTNECAB, AAU, Jorhat:785013, email : bidyut.sarmah[at]aau.ac.in

For payment communicate the following persons
  • Mrs. Malobika Borkoch (malobika.borkoch.abt[at]aau.ac.in)
  • Dr. Tankeswar Nath (tankeswar.nath[at]aau.ac.in)
Short term training

A short term hands-on-training (10days) will be conducted on Biochemical, Microbiological and Molecular techniques by the Central Instrumentation Facility Laboratory (CIFL), Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat for the students of general colleges of Jorhat and neibouring districts.

  • Institution Fees : Rs. 2500.00 per student (fees will be collected on spot)
  • Registration Last Date: 31/05/2024
  • Registration Link: https://forms.gle/YjffUzc9LxjwzD4H6
  • Training Period : 1st July to 10th July 2024
  • Co-ordinator : Dr. Priyanka Das (priyanka.das[at]aau.ac.in)
Subject-wise specific Training
  • Biochemical analysis: Moisture content, Protein, Total Carbohydrate, Reducing Sugar, Non reducing sugar, Crude fat, Crude fiber, Total ash, etc.
  • Microbiological analysis: Isolation of microbes, purification of microbes, Identification of microbes (based on morphological and biochemical parameters)
  • Molecular biology related analysis: DNA extraction and purification, Amplification through PCR, Electrophoresis of amplified DNA
Modules and Team Members
Module Team Members
Biochemical analysis
  • Mrs Malobika Borkoch
  • Dr Sunayana Rathi
  • Dr. Tankeswar Nath
  • Dr. Priyanka Das
Microbiological analysis
  • Mrs Malobika Borkoch
  • Dr Robin Chandra Boro
  • Dr. Tankeswar Nath
  • Dr. Madhumita Barooah
Molecular biology related analysis
  • Mrs Malobika Borkoch
  • Dr. Sumita Acharjee
  • Dr. Priyabrata Sen