Agricultural Knowledge Management and Information Technology

About Akmit


Agricultural Knowledge Management and Information Technology (AKMIT), originally funded by the ICAR as Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS), was set up in 1998 in Jorhat campus as a Central Facility for the entire university for providing IT support to all departments, research and extension units, and the colleges under the Assam Agricultural University.

Currently the AKMIT Cell is providing the following service to the university community, which can be broadly defined under three categories

  • Software Solutions
  • Networking Services
  • Server Provisioning

Software Solutions

The entire AAU official website (www.aau.ac.in) has been developed and being maintained by the AKMIT Cell. The website is a dynamic one where all data are console driven. The most important part of the website is the content management system for the admin users, departments, KVKs, RARS and Faculty / Scientists without compromising the data security and privacy.

  • Departmental Panel : Each establishment/department has been provided with an admin panel through which they can upload the necessary information on the website and also validate the data uploaded by the people under their control.
  • Faculty / Scientists Panel : A well-defined admin portal is provided for all the faculties/scientists for updating their profile information.

The AKMIT Cell has implemented the Google Workspace for Higher Education (free of cost) and Microsoft 365 cloud services to provision Windows operating system and office software as well as Collaborating platforms in the university and is responsible for the regular upkeep of the systems.

The AKMIT Cell had introduced a cloud-based storage system, similar to DropBox, Google Drive etc., named AAUCloud, for all the establishments and the faculty members and employees, so that data belonging to the university can be kept securely within the premises of the university.

Softwares In Service

Online Admission System : The online admission portal for admission into all 9 (nine) constituent colleges and all the degree programmes has been developed and is maintained by the AKMIT cell. Through this portal, the applicants get themselves registered and fill-up the application form online. The admit cards for appearing in the entrance examinations are issued through this system only considering the centre preferences of the students.
Counselling System : The whole admission process to all the colleges is software driven – starting from allocating seats based on the credentials of the candidate to collecting fees online as well as report generation of the whole admission cum counselling process for use of the different departments/ colleges. This counselling software has been developed and being implanted by the AKMIT cell.
Online Payment System : The AKMIT cell, in collaboration with the SBI, has established a module for the online payment of fees. This single module can collect fees to any account of any establishment using the pooling account distribution system with the mapped accounts.
Online Grievance System : The AKMIT Cell had developed an online Grievance Management System for the University through which any stakeholder can lodge his/her grievances to the concerned authority.
Online ID card Application System : The AKMIT Cell provides ID cards to all employees and students of the university. An online application system has been created for the same and cards are issued as and when a validated request is received.
Online AAU IT Inventory : The AKMIT Cell had developed a system for collecting and storing all IT equipment details e.g., Computers, Network Printers, Printers etc
AAU Library Attendance system : The AKMIT Cell had developed attendance system for Rev. BM Pugh Library, AAU, Jorhat. The system uses AAU ID card based authentication for entering the user attendance.
Academic Management System : AKMIT Cell has developed Academic Management System which enables all the students, teachers and administrators to digitally manage all academic activities seamlessly. The student can register their courses, the teaches can plan the classes and conduct exans and grade the students. The administrators process the results and declare the same in real time and also upload on the national plateform like ABC Portal (Academic Bank of Credit) and Digilocker
Online Recruitment System : The AKMIT Cell supports the AAU authority in various recruitment drives by providing a platform for online filling up of the application forms (separately for each cadre) by the prospective candidates, online scrutiny of the application forms and preparation of the summary statements for use of the concerned authority.
e-file management system : The e-file management system of the Assam Agricultural University (AAU) represents a pivotal step towards modernizing administrative processes within the institution. Tailored to the unique needs of an agricultural academic environment, this system seamlessly integrates digital document management with the university's day-to-day operations. By digitizing files and streamlining workflows, the AAU's e-file management system enhances efficiency, accelerates decision-making, and promotes collaboration among faculty, staff, and administrators. Moreover, it offers robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. With features such as role- based access control, the system provides a transparent and accountable platform for managing documents across departments and campuses. Overall, the AAU's e-file management system serves as a cornerstone for fostering innovation, productivity, and excellence in agricultural education, research, and extension activities.


All the administrative and academic buildings of all the campuses of the university are connected through the Campus Area Network. The Jorhat, Khanapara, and Raha Campuses are connected to the Internet through the National Knowledge Network (NKN). Locally available broadband connections are being used in other college campuses, Research Centres and KVKs.

In Jorhat Campus, we have connected 21 numbers of buildings through Optical Fibre connectivity. All the 14 hostels are connected wirelessly through WiFi. The day to day maintenance of the complex Campus LAN is handled by the AKMIT Cell.


Dr. Ananata Saikia
Professor In-Charge, AKMIT
Mr. Prantik Gautam
Information & Technical Officer
Mr. Anirban Singha
System Administrator
Mr. Sandeep Chanda
Programme Assistant
Mr. Aditya Rajkhowa
Programme Assistant
Mr. Kamal Gayan
Young Professional