#SL NO Title of the patent Inventors’ names Year of Applications Present status
1 A poly herbal composition for wound healing and a process for producing the same Dr. Chandana Choudhury Barua, Dr. Animesh Deka, Dr. Seema Pegu, Dr. Apurba Chakraborty, Dr. Rajib Sarma, Dr. Iswar Chandra Barua 2007 Granted
Patent No. 270519 on Date: 29.12.2015
2 A novel method of storing of healthy whole green gram (Vigna radiata) seed to completely protect it from the infestation of storage insect pest Azuki Bean weevil, Callosobruchus chinensis at room temperature for a period of nine months Dr Priyanka Das, Dr Pulin Patgiri 2009 Granted
Patent no. 374103 on Date: 9-8-2021
3 Natural draft gas fired tea dryer for small tea growers Dr Abhijit Borah, Er. Kaushik Hazarika 2016 Granted
Patent no. 502370 on Date: 23-1-2024
4 Preservation technique of fungal culture in liquid state Pranab Dutta, D.J. Nath. S. Borauh, H. Kaushik, K.C. Puzari 2014 Granted
Patent no. 531870 on Date: 5-4-2024
5 Liquid formulation of Metarhizium anisopliae ( Org- metajal) S. Borauh, Pranab Dutta, H. Kaushik, K.C. Puzari 2014 Applied for
6 Org- Metahim(SC): A suspension concentrate(SC) bioformulation of Metarhizium anisopliae S. Borauh, Pranab Dutta, H. Kaushik, K.C. Puzari 2014 Applied for
7 ART-CORDY ( An artificial production technique of Cordyceps bassiana, a source of natural medicine) K.C. Puzari, Pranab Dutta, A. Das, Boppa Lingii 2016 Applied for
8 Push type block seedling raising device Dr. Pankaj Barua 2015 Published
9 Improved method of brewing Xaj-pani: Rice based alcoholic beverage Dr. Madhumita Barooah, Dr. Jyotshna Keot, Dr. Sudipta Sankar Bora 2018 Published
10 Gold nanoparticle-based dipstick system for quick detection of phallacidin. Dr. Robin Boro and Coworkers 2017 Application filed
11 A novel dipstick method for in-field detection of Citrus Tristeza Virus. Dr. Rabin Chandra Boro and Ms. Trishnamoni Gautom 2018 Published
12 Gas fired oven for bamboo stalk cooked Rice Dr Abhijit Borah 2018 Published
13 Technique of using empty shells of giant african snails as lighting lamps Dr. Badal Bhattacharya, Mrs. Dhanalakhi Gogoi, Mrs. Binapani Deka, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Dutta 2020-21 Published
14 A novel bio-pesticide formulation and the preparation method thereof Dr Pranab Dutta, Dr. S. Borua and Dr. A. Bhattacharyya 2021 Published
15 A system for collection of egg of Zebrafishes and the process for collection of the same Dr Raktim Sarmah, Rajdeep Dutta and Dr. Sarada Kanta Bhagabati 2023 Applied for
16 A novel lac resin based edible coating to improve self life and storability of Assam lemon and the process of making thereof Dr Purnima Das, P. Saikia, A. Das, L. K. Hazarika, S. Kalita, S. Goswami 2023 Application filed
17 Innovative formulation of dual functional agent (liquid and microcapsule) derived from mature tea leaf Dr. S. Bhuyan , Dr. N. Gogoi, Dr. R. C. Boro 2023 Application filed
18 Novel antimicrobial and UV protected agent (liquid and microcapsule formulation) derived from onion Dr. S. Bhuyan , Dr. N. Gogoi, Dr. R. C. Boro 2023 Application filed
19 A novel method for processing of lac dye with natural mordents and its application on eri silk yarn Giddi thirumala Devee, Dr Purnima Das , L. K. Hazarika, B. Battachayya, B. Katia Baishya, P. Debnath, S. Rahman, S. Kalita and G. Sharma 2024 Application filed
20 A novel formulation of rapeseed protein- tea polyphenol conjugate as an edible emulsifier for stabilizing hydrophobic curcumin in aquous medium P. Gade, Dr. D. Das, Dr. M. Das Purkayastha, Dr. S Tamuly, Dr. P. K. Kaman, Dr. S. Goswami, Er.. S. Baruah and Dr. A. Saikia 2024 Application filed