General Informations

  • Join Date: 04/05/2018
  • College: College of Agriculture
  • Department: Agricultural Engineering
  • Office Email: kaushik.hazarika[at]

Education Details


Assam Engineering College


Tezpur University

Employment History

14-05-2013 - 18-08-2016
Junior Research Fellow

Assam Agricultural University

04-05-2018 - 31-05-2022
Senior Research Assistant

Assam Agricultural University

01-06-2022 - Till date
Junior Scientist

Assam Agricultural University

  • ISAE Best Paper Award, 2017. ISAE Best Paper Award, 2017 for the paper
    “Energy utilization efficiency and entrepreneurial potential of a solar-biomass integrated drying system” published in Journal of Agricultural Engineering 54 (2).
  • The team, Er. Kaushik Hazarika, Dr. Abhijit Borah and Dr.Rejaul Hoque Bepary from AICRP on PHET, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat campus were awarded with third prize for their prototype working model for Automated stem removal of King Chilli (popularly known as Bhut Jolokia) organized by The DST-funded technology enabling centre (DST-TEC) at Tezpur University.
  • AICRP on PHET Best Centre Award, 2023: AICRP on PHET, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat Centre was awarded the third best centre for the year, 2022-23.
  • Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
    Life Member
  • sponsored project on "AICRP on PHET", implemented in 2023.
  • DR (Agri) sponsored project on "Comparative study of a designed storage structure for the green gram and glutinous paddy for high moisture environment with IRRI super bag", project cost Rs.0.27 Lakh implemented in 2021.
  • AAU sponsored project on "Quality evaluation of SBD dried paddy stored as in normal FCI warehouse method & Drying kinetics of Green Gram, Black Pepper and Mustard Seed dried in SBD", project cost Rs.1.61 Lakh implemented in 2022.
  • DST-GOI sponsored project on "“Development of a Natural draft gas fired tea dryer for small tea growers of Assam”.", project cost Rs.29.90 Lakh implemented in 2013.