General Informations

  • Join Date: 09/12/1991
  • College: Biswanath College of Agriculture
  • Department: Soil Science
  • Office Email: pallab.k.sarmah[at]
  • Other Charges: Chief Scientist(I/C), AICRPDA, PI NICRA, Cordinator CBBO BNCA AAU

Education Details


Assam Agricultural University

M.Sc (Ag)

Assam Agricultural University


CCS Haryana Agricultural University

Other Qualifications

Manipal Institute of Computer Education, Manipal

Employment History

09-12-1991 - 08-12-1997
Junior Scientist (Soil Physics)

Assam Agricultural University

09-12-1997 - 31-03-1998
Junior Scientist (Soil)

Assam Agricultural University

01-04-1998 - 10-11-2001
In-service PhD Scholar

Assam Agricultural University

11-09-2001 - 21-11-2003
Assistant professor, Department of Soil Science

Assam Agricultural University

21-11-2003 - 31-12-2009
Associate Professor

Assam Agricultural University

01-01-2010 - 27-07-2011
Professor, Department of Soil Science

Assam Agricultural University

28-07-2011 - 28-07-2016
Chief Scientist

Assam Agricultural University

29-07-2016 - 28-06-2017
I/C Chief Scientist

Assam Agricultural University

29-06-2017 - Till date
Chief Scientist

Assam Agricultural University

  • •Member Agro Advisory Board, Agro Advisory Service Unit, Sonitpur, Assam w.e.f. 20.09.2005.

    •Programme supervisor, RAWEP,2006-07

    • Professor i/c, Department of Soil Science w.e.f from 4th July, 2007

    • In-charge Soil Testing Service, Biswanath College of Agriculture w.e.f 26-04-2008

    •In -charge educational excursion during 2008-09.

    •Assisted Planning and monitoring unit of the university in process of preparation of self-study report for

    accreditation of AAU during 2008-2009.
  • •External Examiner various courses of College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University,

    Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh and College of Postgraduate Studies Central Agricultural University, Umium,

    Meghalaya during 2008 to 2021

    •Member, Mid Term Evaluation of IWDP/Hariayali Project, sponsored by Department of Land resources, Ministry

    of Rural development, Government of India ,North Lakhimpur districts During 21st to 25th October, 2009.
  • •Establishment of Niche Area of Excellence, BN College of Agriculture as Co-PI, Niche Area of Excellence during 2009 – 2011.

    •Member of college level committee in preparation of Complete Blue Print for opening of Post Graduate Degree Programme at BNCA during 2010-11.

    •Member of monitoring committee “Biotechnology led Organic Farming in North Eastern Region” during 2011.

    •Chief Scientist AICRPDA and PI NICRA w.e.f 28.07.2011 .
  • •Supervisor PhD research project of scholar from FMTTINER, Biswanath Chariali during 2013-14 and 2014-15.

    •Best Dry land Centre Award to AICRPDA Biswanth Chariali Center during 2012-13 and 2013-14.

    •Co-Chairman, National Seminar on “Development of Soil Science-2014 Indian Society of Soil Science”, 24.11.2014.•9 farmers under AICRPDA received Best Dryland Farmer Award form ICAR-CRIDA w.e.f. 1014 to 2019.
  • •Exhibition of model on Climate resilient Technology during Agricultural Science Congress, 2017 to be held at UAS, Bengaluru from 21st February to 24th February, 2017.

    •Leader Working Committee for Soil Health Card Sonitpur District for Preparation of Block Level Soil Fertility maps and issue of Soil Health Card w.e.f. 31.10.2015.
  • •Convener, XV Working Group meeting of AICRPDA organized by AICRPDA, CRIDA, Hyderabad at BNCA during

    24.12.2015 to 27.12.2015.

    •Manager EL 420-II (ELP Programme)

    • Member Advisory Committee of PG student during 2016-17to 2020-21(Seven students).

    •Executive Member, Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture, CRIDA, 2016-18 and 20 19-21.

    •Member, AAU Contingency Cell for updating and preparation of District Agricultural Contingency Plan for all districts of Assam during 2017.
  • •Development of technology related to Low-Cost Vermicomposting and crop geometry (2015), Maize based Cropping Sequence and optimum planting window for small tuber potato (2020).

    •Subject expert for selection of Professor at Central Agricultural University, Imphal on 08.09.2018.

    •Expert member of selection committee for post of Professor and Associate Professor at College of Postgraduate studies CAU, Imphal on 11.03.2019.

    Advisor, University level committee for participation in Climate Change Innovation Programme-ACT –Phase-II
  • •Trainer Skill India, National Skill Development Corporation, Ministry of Finance, GOI during 2019.

    •Registration of 4 farmers varieties under NICRA village, AICRPDA, Biswanath Chariali Center by the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority, Government of India during 2020.

    •Local Coordinator, CBBO-FPO Sonitpur Local office w.e.f. 2021.
  • Registration of four farmers’ varieties [SAHA CHAMPA(REG/2013/548), KHARGORA SALI (REG/2013/549), SAKOWA(REG/2013/552) and NANIA(REG/2013/560), to four participant farmers of NICRA village, AICRPDA, Biswanath Chariali Center by the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority [ Memo No.PPV & FRA/REG/2013/548(FV)/2020 dtdt. 23/11/2020, Memo No.PPV & FRA/REG/2013/549(FV)/2020 dtdt. 23/11/2020, Memo No.PPV & FRA/REG/2013/552(FV)/2020 dtdt. 23/11/2020, Memo No.PPV & FRA/REG/2013/560(FV)/2020 dtdt. 23/11/2020 respectively]
  • Master resource person: NIRD-PR, Hyderabad training program on “Drinking Water, Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting” w.e.f. 25.08.2020 to 28.08.2020 through SIT, SIPRD, Kahikuchi helt at SIPRD, Biswanath Chariali.(Memo. No.SIPRD/BNC/2020/702 dtd. 24.08.2020).
  • Coordinator, CBBO Local office Biswanath College of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University Biswanath Chariali ( Agnigarh Producer Company Ltd and Nemeri Valley Agro Producer Company Ltd w.e.f. 24.04.2022)
  • Indian Society of Soil Science
    Life Member
  • Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture
    Life Member
  • Indian Journal of Agrometeorology
    Life Member
  • Deputy Commissioner, Biswanath sponsored project on "Status of Municipality Solid-Waste Generation in Biswanath Chariali and Strategies of Solid-Waste management for Biswanath Chariali Municipality Area", implemented in 2020.
  • ICAR-CRIDA sponsored project on "AICRPDA-NICRA (Co-PI)", implemented in 2011.
  • ICAR-CRIDA sponsored project on "AICRP on Dryland Agriculture", implemented in 1995.